Levico Terme and Vetriolo spa

First for wellness

A stone's throw from our hotel, you can find Terme Levico and Vetriolo spa, a thermal centre popular with the Habsburg court at the end of the nineteenth century. The centre applies the therapeutic properties of the water from the Ocra and Vetriolo springs, 1500 m above sea level. Its beneficial properties are used to treat stress, respiratory illnesses, ailments of the locomotor system, and for dermatological, gynaecological, and thyroid-related problems.

Strong water of Levico Terme
Nature's solution: the cure comes from water

From the hot springs of Levico, two types of water bubble up: one weak and one strong, and only the strong kind is used for therapeutic purposes. This unique type of water found in Italy is rare in Europe, with high levels of minerals and sulphates and so rich in iron that it is tinged with a reddish hue.

All-natural wellness
Thermal treatments

Self-care is the most precious gift you can give yourself. The treatments at Levico Terme are an occasion to show yourself some love and be in harmony with nature. A variety of beauty services have been specifically designed to reap the most benefits from the thermal water, for an immediate feeling of physical and mental well-being.

Levico Terme Thermal Centre

Viale Vittorio Emanuele, 10 – 38056 Levico Terme
Open: from April to October
Phone: +39 0461 706077 – e-mail: info@termedilevico.it

Vetriolo Thermal Centre

Strada Provinciale per Vetriolo, 1, 38056 Levico Terme TN
Open: From end of June to beginning of September
Phone: +39 0461 701835 – e-mail: info@termedilevico.it

Treatments are from Monday to Saturday, in the morning until 12:30, and are affiliated with the Italian National Health Service.