Discover Valsugana

Where culture and nature meet

A crossroads for various peoples, thanks to to the ancient Roman road Claudia Augusta, Valsugana is a valley that welcomes inspiring landscapes and precious historical and cultural heritage. History comes alive in the numerous castles such as Pergine and Borgo, and in the Habsburg forts of the First World War. A natural treasure is undoubtedly Arte Sella, an open-air installation blending contemporary art with the elements of nature. In addition, the city of Trento, just 20 minutes by car, hosts the innovative Museum of Natural Sciences (MUSE) designed by Renzo Piano.

The art of nature, the nature of art
An open-air gallery

For just over thirty years, Arte Sella has highlighted itself as a space where art meets nature, dialogues with it and becomes part of it. International artists have been welcomed in this unique installation and the iconic Plant Cathedral by Giuliano Mauri is unforgettable.

The city of the Council
Trento and its treasures

If you wish to organize a day trip, Trento is the ideal city to visit. Known for hosting an event that has marked the history of Catholicism, it offers numerous attractions. Do not miss the Castel del Buonconsiglio with its frescoed Eagle tower, the cathedral with the rose window called the "wheel of fortune", and the now famous MUSE, the Museum of Natural Sciences.

Typical products
The taste of tradition

The tastiest form of local culture is the culinary one and Valsugana is truly rich when it comes to food and wine! A promised land of fruits, you can also taste polenta made with the famous flour of the area, cured meats, and dairy products such as the typical mountain cheese.