Hikes in Levico Terme

Exploring the territory

Levico Terme is a great starting point for excursions at any level. In the Lagorai you can enjoy the aroma of the spruce forest; while hiking up the Panarotta or reaching the Marcesina plateau, you will be immersed in a truly diverse atmosphere. Pastures, streams, and forests: all in an untouched mountain habitat, and still pristine to this day.

Pizzo di Levico

Piz de Levico is a mountain standing almost 1908 metres above sea level and easy to reach. Its uniqueness, in addition to being an incredible panoramic spot, is the presence of an ancient Austro-Hungarian fortification. Walking these stones will connect you with history.

Fravort and Panarotta Mountains

Behind Levico Terme are the Fravort and Panarotta mountains. The latter represents the Western limit of the Lagorai, and the former is famed as the source of the Levico thermal springs. Both peaks offer impressive panoramic views, from the 2.002 metres of Panarotta (about 1 hour and a half walk from the car park), to the 2.389 metres of Fravort (about 3 hours from the car park).

Fortification of Colle delle Benne

Also known as forte di San Biagio, located at the top of the eponymous hill, it was built by the Austro-Hungarians between 1880 and 1882. A historical relic that deserves a visit, while offering the chance for a beautiful hike.

San Valentino and forte di Tenna

The itinerary starting from the village of Brenta and passing by the church of San Valentino up to Forte di Tenna is a truly panoramic trail amid the orchards and overlooking Lake Caldonazzo.