Levico Terme

The treasure of Valsugana

Levico Terme, just a 20-minute drive from Trento, is in the heart of Valsugana. A location known for both its thermal springs and the lake, it was one of the favourite destinations of the Habsburg court. The stunning Habsburg Park is their namesake, known for its towering, centuries-old trees. The streets of its centre host historical boutiques selling artisan crafts and food products, and each year numerous events enliven the streets, such as the Christmas markets and the Flower Festival.

Active in nature
Walk your way to health

Strolling amid nature is one of the most effective ways to relax, free your mind, and get in touch with the earth. When the trails you walk are scenic ones, it becomes all the more beautiful. Cross the Habsburg Park, the fishermen's road, the short climb to the Church of St. Biagio, or go for an excursion to discover the beauty of Forte delle Benne.

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The culture of a territory
The most precious resource
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The beauty of the lake
Beaches of Levico and Caldonazzo
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